Teaching Schedule

October 2020

Weaving in a Parallel Universe
Oct 17 to Oct 19
Orlando, FL

November 2020

Echoes and Iridescence Weaving Class (for intermediate/advanced weavers)
Nov 2 to Dec 1
Monday and Wednesday evenings 6-9 pm 8 sessions $250
Eureka, CA

April 2021

Weaving in a Parallel Universe, Warp Painting for Weavers
Apr 26 to Apr 29
Redmond, OR

May 2021

Ikat Dyeing and Weaving a Scarf
May 2 to May 7
Brasstown, NC
workshop TBA
May 14 to May 16
Camp Myrtlewood, OR

June 2021

Weaving in a Parallel Universe, Intro to Inkle Weaving, Indigo:The Natural Way To Get The Blues
Jun 7 to Jun 13
Salem, OR