Life in the Time of Coronavirus

Potatoes, broccoli and garlic growing in my vegetable garden
Potatoes, broccoli and garlic growing in my garden

What a strange reality we find ourselves in. As I write this I have been sheltering in place for over two months. I am missing teaching my weaving classes and workshops, and conferences and festivals are being cancelled. I often wonder what the future holds for us. 

I am fortunate to be healthy and at home and like many of us, I have more time. I can no longer make the excuse, “I don’t have time for that” (except for housework, of course). This month I have been following through with my promise to weave every day. That feels really good. Surprisingly my old homestead survival skills of gardening and bread baking are now trending…who would have thought! I live in a “socially distant” area of northern California, so I can go to the beach or take my kayak out on the water.

Our guild is doing a towel exchange at some future date so many of us are weaving towels. It is a small thing but it connects us a little bit.  I took the opportunity to make an echo draft and weave it with some Brassard 8/2 cotton for towels. I love it! Here is the result:

Colorful towels on a table
Towels woven in echo technique

I am also revisiting an old classic, waffle weave. This is an 8 shaft waffle with basket weave selvedges on shafts 9 and 10. I space dyed this yarn many years ago and it is fun to weave it up with different weft colors.

Colorful waffle weave on the loom
Waffle weave with a hand dyed variegated warp

What will my next project be? I’m using yarns from my stash so the warp will probably be white or natural for the next set of towels. Maybe I’ll weave them in a variety of twills, or maybe some woven imagery? I also have some chenille I want to dye for cowls. What are you creating while sheltering in place?

Those of us who weave are blessed to have this wonderful craft to help us stay occupied and fullfilled during these uncertain times.

Stay safe and keep weaving,
♥ Linda      

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