About Linda

     I create handwovenLinda dyeing textiles in my studio in the mountains of northern California.  Color features prominently in my work and comes from many sources.  I am especially fond of indigo and natural dyes.

     The geometry of weaving fascinates me. Most of my fabrics are woven from drafts designed on my computer.  I love all weaving, from simple plain weave to complex multishaft structures.

     I enjoy teaching weaving and dyeing in my local area as well as travelling the country to workshops and conferences.   Contact me at linda@lindahartshorn.com.

2 thoughts on “About Linda

  1. It was fun to run across your blog. We met at Michael garcia’s indigo class at Maiwa! I’m in Vancouver now taking print and paint with natural dyes. So good to see your work! Helen

    • Hi Helen, nice to hear from you! Michel Garcia’s class was great and I am glad you are doing more with natural dyes. I’ll be posting more about indigo in the near future.

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