Woven Shibori: Weaving and Dyeing with Natural Dyes

MAFA 2015 Woven shibori fabrics

Fabrics woven and dyed by students at the MAFA 2015 conference

At the MAFA conference in Millersburg, PA I taught a class in woven shibori.  This is a technique that combines weaving with dyeing. This technique was developed by Catharine Ellis and her book, Woven Shibori, is a wonderful resource.                            The first step is to weave special fabrics with extra threads woven in for gathering.  We used all different fibers, silk, cotton, wool, tencel, and bamboo.  We were able to use all these fibers sucessfully with natural dyes, even the cellulose fibers.

MAFA 2015 woven shibori fabric undyed

Undyed fabrics woven especially for this workshop.

The supplemental weft threads are pulled up to gather the fabric.  This can be done with undyed fabric, or it can be dyed first.

Woven shibori pulling threads

Weft threads being pulled up to gather fabric.

MAFA 2015 Debbie woven shibori

Painting dyes on gathered fabric

Dyes are applied in various ways, painted with a brush, simmered in an immersion bath, or dipped in the indigo vat.

MAFA 2015 Betsy woven shibori

The fabrics are opened to reveal the dyed patterns…always a surprise!  We all had a great time.

Some happy dyers and their work

Some happy dyers and their work

Next, I will be sharing my experiments with dyeing using fresh indigo from my garden.  It’s a lot of fun!

♥   Linda


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